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Field Trips

School Field Trip Opportunities at the Patrick Ranch Museum


Advanced registration is required. Call 530-342-4359 (Tues.-Fri. 9 am to 12 noon) to reserve your date and time.

Customizing for Your Needs

This page includes a list of activities to choose from according to your learning needs and time.

Time Allotment

Field trips are scheduled to start promptly at 9:30 am on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Rates & Chaperones

  • Prepaid reservations required.
  • Field trip rates are $50 per class for a maximum of 25 students. Refund with 1 week cancellation notice.
  • All members of the group should arrive together.
  • Required adult to child ratio is 1:10.
  • Students should wear name tags.

What to Expect

The Patrick Ranch Museum is an Interactive Agricultural and Natural History Museum situated on 28 acres between the cities of Chico and Durham.

Led by Patrick Ranch volunteers, students will experience the proud heritage of this area as told through many venues including: the evolution of transportation and earth, life and physical sciences, agricultural development, California history, and the Native American story.

We provide a unique learning experience that encourages hands-on learning, respect for our environment and stewardship of our youth, which is vital to the long-term preservation and values of our historic past and natural resources.

Activities are designed to align with California Common Core State Standards in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades.

Field Trip Opportunities

  • 1st & 2nd Grades
    • Snappy Stems – function of plant stems.
    • 19th Century Farming – Chico and Durham, California
    • Show me the Energy – plant and animals need energy to live and grow.
    • Supreme Seeds – seeds of edible plants.
  • 3rd Grad
    • Evolution of Farming – inventions, people and product distribution.
    • History of Local Communities – change over time.
    • Local American Indians – supported by authentic artifacts and local stories.
  • 4th Grade
    • Do Bees Have Knees? - the importance of bees to our food supply.
    • Tank House – purpose of a tank house.
    • Acorns to Flour – tools used by Native Americans.
    • Way to Go H2O – erosion tables and meandering streams.
    • Plant Planet – Mediterranean climate and some of the 400 California crops it supports.

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